It is that time again. Where our thoughts are directed to spirits. What do I think about spirits? “Regular, everyday” spirits do not bother me. I do not feel frightened by them or concerned.  After all they are just people. Albeit they do not have their physical body but a body made of a finer material. Light and energy if you will. But they are still the same individual. Same personality, same feelings. And the most important aspect is that they still love us and are concerned about us. It is a wonderful, loving thing. We should not forget that.

Now that I have established the fact of departed loved ones. I would like to address the topic of dark spirits. They are different. They are real but we do not need to be concerned about them. You can think that it is exciting to find out about the mystery of the “unknown” but we need to remember that unlike our departed loved ones that only love us, dark spirits only want us to be unhappy and miserable like unto themselves. Now if I was to step back and think about that fact. I do not think that I would want to even waste my time with someone or some being that does not regard me in any way but for my misery. We should always remember that they cannot hurt us either. We actually have the upper hand. We have a body and they do not. They want what we have been blessed with from on high. They had the opportunity for this blessing and chose a different darker path.

So this Halloween, have fun but still look to the light.

You might be interested in a sample chapter of my book from last Halloween. Check out the blog archives and October 2011.

Having an understanding of the reality of the Spirit World makes life easier.

Having an understanding of the Spirit World makes life a much easier place to live. It does not make our troubles go away, but that perspective helps smooth the sometimes rocky road. When we finally understand that life is a test, we see we have the ability and power to act upon our own life, and we do not have to just settle to let life happen to us randomly. When we understand that we have divine help at times of need it makes it easier to handle life’s challenges when they come our way. They say coincidences are not random they are little miracles that are guided by divine hands by someone whom loves us unconditionally. How awesome is that!

I love my little visits with my son Kory from beyond the grave. His sense of humor and patience with my persecutive as I struggle through life’s challenges makes me realize, it will be okay. I do not have to sweat the small stuff. A phrase that has become my motto: “This too will pass…”

Blog Changes and Little Foods for Thought

Hello my few devote readers.  I have decided to change the purpose and flow of my blog. The reason is, I feel that when people come across my blog it might be interesting to them, but such a long blog takes too much time to read. I would like to add small “food for thought” sections.

I have collected so much information on the world of spirits that I would like to share, so I am going to share my little bites of information in small weekly information blogs instead of long narratives.

I hope this will fit into your schedule better. Now let’s talk about the spirit world….

I have had several instances lately, where people have talked about the spirit world and they do not understand how it is set up in regard to us living there after our demise.

Let me clarify how the spirit world is divided. The Spirit World is here upon the earth itself. In it’s own dimension as you will. It is also divided into two major parts. In these two major parts are smaller levels. I will try to talk about all the different levels as they relate to our topic, as time goes by. We will call the two major divisions, paradise and prison. Please understand that prison is a term used to oneself’s progression and not our idea of earthly prisons. The spirit prison is basically a place where your progression is stopped until you overcome certain issues or choose for yourself to go further. Certain requirements must be met.

For example: If you are addicted to drugs or alcohol when you die you will still feel the pull of that addiction after your death until you have overcome it. To most that will be like a personal Hell or “Prison.”

Just some food for thought………..

My heart goes out to the loved ones and victims in Colorado shooting


I was greatly saddened by the news of the Colorado shooting. It brought back many difficult feelings that I felt with when Kory died. He too greatly anticipated the opening of a much anticipated movie, it happened to be The Lord of the Rings “The Two Towers.” He was so excited, it was Christmas, and he and his younger brother and several friends went to that movie. Then Kory tragically died on his way home. He died a few minutes before midnight and the beginning  of Christmas Eve.

I feel so much for the loved ones that have lost someone dear to them in this senseless tragedy. I know the road that they will have to go down. They will adopted certain things to keep their loved one in their minds and hearts. We remodeled our house and built our own movie theater. My husband will not go to the theater since Kory was coming home from that movie that night. It has been a good solution for us. The room is Kory’s room and you feel wonderful when you are in it. We adopt what we need to do in our lives to navigate the grief we feel. It is a way of staying true and remembering our loved one.

To try and understand God and where He was when all this tragedy happens. We need perspective of what life really is and our purpose here. When we have that understanding we can cope better with the process we have been so unmercifully thrown into.

I wanted to share a chapter with you from my book. It addresses the topic of tragic death at another’s hand and how it is viewed from the spiritual aspect. I have grown to know with an as-surety that during any tragic event  NO-ONE is ever left without angels surrounding them. I know that on that night that many wonderful departed souls acting as guardian angels were with those in the theater and their loved ones.

I hope that this chapter may answer a few questions we have about such an event.

Click here to see a chapter in my book that addresses tragic events and how they are part of our journey.

Recovery and how the book is touching others.

Well it has been an interesting journey the past couple of months since my last post. My last post was on Kory’s birthday. We had the Huntsville open house and met with some great friends. Then I had a total knee replacement and have been in recovery. But I wanted to share a couple of things with you during that recovery time.

The first thing I would like to share is some of the incredible responses that I had with the book. If nothing else happens with the book I feel it has been worth the experience of writing it, from hearing the stories of how it has touched and comforted those that have read it. There have been some really cool experiences.

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Introducing the Book to the World

I need to start saying Happy Birthday Sweet Boy! Today May 18th was Kory’s birthday. I miss him more than anyone can understand. I am so grateful for my special gift to talk to him on a regular basis and know of his happiness. It still does not replace the hollow, empty feeling, but peace and hope pull me through. I was blessed with a special dream  a couple of weeks ago. It was a dream about Kory. I love these dreams. He just wanted to come say ‘Hi” to his family. He gave us all a big hug. I love seeing his good looks with his shy smile and gentle spirit, I am reassured that one day I will get to touch and hold him again in a sweet mothers embrace.

It is also Sweet Oliver’s birthday. My little Yorkie. He is one today.

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I think it is appropriate to post about the resurrection at Easter.  The resurrection is one of the most important events in the history of the world. All of us have been told the story of the resurrection and I do not wish to turn my blog into a Sunday school class so I will assume that you know the details of the “First Resurrection.” I would like to impart some information about the resurrection of loved ones and even what we may expect from our own experience at resurrection from what we have been given. If you would like to see more of the resurrection of Christ please visit…


and  http://www.relfectionsofchrist.org
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Death is a pleasant experience.

I have posted 30 blogs to date. It gets very difficult to think of new topics each week. I ask myself “Have I talked about ….?” what ever the subject is.

But this week I experienced the thing that EVERYONE that comes to the Tennessee Valley experiences. A really bad sinus infection. I didn’t even know I had sinuses until I moved here. But how does this relate to today’s post? Well I feel horrible. I mean when you have a really deep infection, your whole body aches and you just want to crawl under a rock.  I cannot wait until after this life I do not have to experience this again. That is one aspect of the Spirit world that we sometimes don’t think about until we are in the throws of pain and illness. Unfortunately if the pains and illness escalates you can end up on the other side. We are going to discuss the actual experience of relief of pain and illness at the time of death. In this way maybe it will give those that have lost love ones in pain at the time of death a sense of peace and understanding of the experience their loved ones had a little better.

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It is interesting to be in the same place as we were last year during the April 27th tornado outbreak. It makes me reflect back and I think that in light of the outbreak of tornados yesterday across the country it would be a good time to post an additional blog that is related to the recent storms and a chapter in my book.

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It’s Here!!!

Well the moment that I have thought about for four years arrived on Saturday night.  Many of my facebook friends are aware from my post that my first copy of my book arrived from the printer.  It was so surreal. I hadn’t checked the mail all day and I went out that evening in the dark to walk Oliver, my little yorkie. I thought as we finished our walk I should check the mail. I did and there it was. I just sat there stunned.  I guess I followed the pattern of my life. I didn’t jump up and scream or anything. I just calmly carried it in the house and opened the package. I just looked at the book as I held it in my hands. I really felt like I was in shock. I couldn’t believe it had finally arrived. I have waited so long and it has been quite a journey.  I have been really waiting to have copies available for those that wanted to read the book.  In the next few days I will be ordering my copies to sell on my website. Watch for the announcement.


I couldn’t just do normal things. I went to my friend Annie and Bruce’s house to share the news.  We were with the Dearden’s in Kirtland Ohio when I received the email that my book was selected for publication. Then Randy and I went for dessert to celebrate!

I hope Kory is happy with the results. I will try to make the best decisions for the promotion of the book. I keep in mind the purpose of writing this book, it is more than a story and a book, it is so personal. I am inviting the world to experience the most difficult thing I will ever experience. My hope and prayer is that it will honor Kory, and My Father in Heaven.  I know the world needs to know of His love for us in all our experiences in this world. Maybe it will be a comfort to those who partake of its content.