I just finished a couple of new books that are out on the market. They are both stories of little boys that had near death experiences where they visit “heaven” as they called it.

The Boy Who Came back from Heaven by: Kevin Malarkey

Heaven is for Real by: Todd Burpo

Instead of calling their visit “heaven” I will call it a visit to the Spirit World. The thing that I loved was their description of the colors and light. It is a very prevalent aspect of the World of Spirits, that I would like to address this week.

Of all the experiences that I have read over the past 35 years, the description of light is very similar in all the accounts. Light is everywhere in the Spirit World. There are no shadows from the light as we experience here in mortality. The light is an aspect that represents the presence of Christ. We use the phrase:  “He is the Light.” But there is more to it than that. He is literally, “Light”. Where ever He is, light is present. It is a comforting thought. We need to remember that Christ’s body is a resurrected body and is a body of flesh and bone but it still is glorious and full of light. We will all have our spirit bodies in the Spirit World and they are bodies of light. They are different than resurrected bodies but both types of body are full of “light.”

Everyone loves a beautiful sunny day. Well I can’t wait for a world where that is the case everyday. It is beautiful, comforting and divine.

From experiences I had when I was younger I have been drawn to light and things that help produce light. One of my favorite things are crystals and prisms that have sunlight shinning through them. It is truly a small piece of our former home. When I had the privilege to have my first visit with Kory a few hours after his death. He was so excited by the beautiful robe that he was wearing. I was given an incredible impression of the light that emanated from that robe. We are beings of light in the Spirit world. We have substance of a finer material but it is full of light. Because of these experiences I have a habit of collecting and giving people objects that remind me of the Spirit World. I gave my sons crystals. I gave Kory for his first Christmas after his death, a Christmas tree that is covered in crystal and white ornaments. I wanted it to remind us of the place where Kory now resides. I have a special love for temples and the light and beauty that is found within.

If we ever feel sad or down, put your self in a place where you can be enveloped in light. It will feed your soul and calm your heart. You will have a touch of the divine. It will remind you of your heavenly home that is still buried deep within you.

Have an enlightened week!


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