I would like to continue with a topic that is similar to my post last week. I had addressed the subject of light.  I would like to give some accounts of light and colors that I have come across in my research.  As I had finished reading the book “Heaven is for Real” it made me reflect on the many wonderful accounts that I have read in the past 35 years. I would like to share a few of my favorites with you.

Since I just finished the book “Heaven is for Real” I would like to start with that account. Colton Burpo had his experience after he suffered from a ruptured appendix when he was four years old. I loved his description mostly of rainbow colors. Near the end of the book he has this experience…

In chapter 19 Todd Burpo, Colton’s dad and author of the book tells that Colton had become obsessed with rainbows. He explains some of the colors that Colton describes.

“Some of those precious stones are of colors that are familiar to us: The rich violet of amethyst, the brilliant green of emerald, the translucent gold of topaz, the depthless black of onyx. Others are less common: chrysolite, which is light to olive green; jacinth, a transparent red. Beryl occurs in many colors, from light pink to deep green to aquamarine.

     …if a kid saw all those colors, he might sum them up in one simple word: rainbow…”Look at that rainbow, Colton,” Sonja said…Colton squinted, peering up at colors pouring across the sky.

     “Cool, he said with a nonchalant smile. “I prayed for that yesterday.”

I know that is one of the significant things that really interested me over the years and I have bought prisms, crystals and anything that makes a rainbow. I love them, and they feel familiar…

Another account that I love is in one of my favorite books, The Message by: Lance Richardson. In chapter 6 he gives this description:

“Immediately in front of me stretched a lush lawn of emerald hue, yet mixed with a combination of sky-blue. I had never seen such a vibrant, brilliant color. Trees could be seen in numerous places around the landscape. They, too, were much more impressive than anything I had ever seen. Leaves and sprigs carried varieties of color such as crimson, gold, blazing yellows of fire, shades of green and blue, and deep blood-red. One stem may have numerous flowers of different variety and color. These flowers and shrubbery cast soft and deep tones of warmth and splendor, as if mixed by a master painter.”

Another description I love is from the account of Betty J. Eadie in her book “Embraced By The Light.” In the chapter “The Garden” she gives this description:

“As we went outdoors into the garden I saw mountains, spectacular valleys, and rivers in the distance….I walked on the grass for a time. It was crisp, cool, and brilliant green, and it felt alive under my feet. But what filled me with awe in the garden more than anything were the intense colors. We have nothing like them.

     When light strikes an object here, the light reflects off that object in a certain color. Thousands of shades are possible. Light in the spirit world doesn’t necessarily reflect off anything. It comes from within and appears to be a living essence. A million, a billion colors are possible.

     The flowers, for example, are so vivid and luminescent with color that they don’t seem to be solid. Because of each plant’s intense aura of light, it is difficult to define where the plant’s surface starts and stops.”

I used these descriptions and Kory’s descriptions to show the scene in the various chapters of my book.

The Spirit World is a beautiful, colorful place.

One of the things I really felt from Kory is that the intense light and colors are comforting and familiar. I have heard that the description of the colors of the Spirit World and the mortal world is like comparing a photograph and then its negative. This world is the negative. The next experience is the vivid colors of the photo itself.

See a rainbow and connect with the divine. I hope that you have a colorful, beautiful week!


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