Spiritual communication

It is interesting to me when I speak to someone of my experiences with my deceased son, they either understand or they look at me with a blank expression. I know that it is hard to understand the gift that I have been given to communicate with my deceased son but, I know it is true, I know Kory knows it is true and I know that God knows it is true. And in that, it is all that matters. It is directly a gift from God given to me, and hopefully it can give others comfort. I try to be understanding to others in their skepticism and put myself in their shoes. But I need to tell you from my experience what it feels like to have communication with the divine. I strongly believe that everyone has the ability to hear and feel spiritual things. We are spiritual beings. We are children of God. He loves us and wants to communicate with us.

I feel that the reason so many of us have a hard time “hearing” spiritual communication is really simple. We are not sure what we are listening for. When I think back in my life I realize that I have always been able to hear and feel spiritual things. I just thought everyone else was the same. As I have grown and become a fifty year old woman I realize that I am a minority when it comes to understanding spiritual communication. I know I am of no greater worth than anyone else. I have just learned to “tune in.”

I hope to share in this blog with you some things that I have found help me to hear the spiritual promptings. A word of caution before I do. Not all communication is from the good side. We need to be diligent and pray always that we may be guided to what the Lord wants us to know.  If it is right it will feel very good and warm in your soul. If you are confused or feel cold, take caution.

One thing I want to stress…this is not a way to guarantee that you will be able to communicate with a deceased love one. Not at all. I wanted nothing more as a teenage girl to communicate with my father that passed away when I was a little girl, and I have never, never had that privilege. My communication with Kory is different and it is special. What I want to impart with you today is the way we can incorporate spiritual understanding in our lives to help us receive the comfort and knowledge we need to navigate this life.

The first thing that I have learned is, we need to turn off the noise. Let me explain. Anything very spiritual is very quiet. When we constantly have noise in our life the quiet promptings have a hard time getting through. Think back at your day and think of how many times you sat in silence. No t.v., music, or outside communication. Try it and open your mind to receive communication.If your mind is constantly being stimulated with outside problems and everything going on in the world it is not open to the quiet whisper. It is not a sound that you are listening for. You feel it. Once you have experienced this, it is more solid than anything that you just hear or see. It has more power to change and teach us.

So take a walk, look out the window, and enjoy connecting with the world in a spiritual plain. It is a wonderful experience.Prayer is the great tool we should use always. I have always talked with my Heavenly Father. My whole life. Not just on my knees in prayer, but through out my whole day. It is a very open two way communication. He is waiting to talk to you, I promise. It is a way to start today to understand and feel and hear communication.

Now I do not promise that if you do a couple of these things that you can communicate with your deceased loved ones. I know I cannot talk to my father, but through my communication with my son, I know that he is there and watching over me. I feel him at different times. I know all of us has felt they were not alone. Listen to that small prompting, exercise your faith. wonderful things will unfold.


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