What are They Doing?

This week I would like to address something that has been on my mind lately.  Have you ever wondered, what your loved one that has passed away is up to? What is their day like? What occupies their time?  How are they feeling?

As I get the opportunity to speak with other people about death I am always a little surprised that more people do not voice these questions. When I get the opportunity to talk with different individuals and hear their stories I never hear questions about what their loved one is up to, and what the individual that has passed on, does with their time. There seems to be a gulf of confusion and a big black void as to this subject matter. We are sometimes so caught up in our own grief and confusion we dismiss the very idea that our loved one continues in pretty much the same manner as they did before their death. Granted the death experience changes alot of prespective for the individual and usually propels one to seek after spiritual knowledge. The fact remains that their body has changed. The clay earthly outer shell is now in the grave until the resurrection. They now occupy a body of light that has some awsome aspects, but they are still themselves. They are the same person that they were, when we associated with them when they were alive here in mortality. There is no cloud sitting, playing a harp, there is no big unconsious sleep where they wait for the resurrection. It is a very busy place, but a happy one.

From the research that I have read and mostly from having my wonderful visits with my son, life is wonderful for them, but very much the same as what we do here.  They do not have to worry about working a job for a paycheck or anything, but they are very busy ingaged in important tasks. Mostly teaching about Jesus Christ and building the kingdom and nuturing relationships with others. The Spirit World is a place of learning and growing.  I would liken the experience to that of going to a wonderful university that is catered to you. It is a big family reunion. Learning is the first priority. They are also very much involved in giving assistance to those that are still here on earth. It is done by individual tasks and assignments.

I want you to consider the happiest time of year for you.  For most individuals, it is around Christmas time. Why? If you consider how we act at that time. We go out to make others happy. We like to give gifts, money, and service. It makes us feel good about ourselves and makes us deep down truly happy. Now put yourself in an enviorment that, that is the everyday norm minus all the Christmas preparation stress. It sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? Take a moment to think about the things that you would do if you did not have to spend your time feeding and clothing yourself. Now put yourself in a postion where you have no time constraints and you can go about learning and making others happy. It is a very satisfying existance.

Take a moment today to not think about ourselves. How much it hurts that our loved one is gone, and how much we miss them, but think about them today as the individual we know and love. Think about what they are doing today. It will give you peace and broaden your perspective. Have a wonderful day! Go and do like wise and try to make someone else happy today. It will come back to you in happiness and peace.

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