Today’s blog is about a wonderful subject that brings much joy and happiness. Unfortunately it also brings me sadness. It is difficult to deal with the death of a loved one at Christmas. We are especially sensitive as Kory died at Christmas. But I have learned a wonderful thing about Christmas. Because of this day and the wonderful gift that was given on this day my sadness will not be forever.

I want you to think of the feelings that Christmas brings. It is a special time of the year for everyone. Yes, there are those that because of life’s circumstances that this time of year brings stress, but I want you to think of the happiness that comes, if that happiness comes from a Christmas story that you hear, or an act of kindness rendered by someone, or the beautiful music that fills your heart.

I know the first year after Kory died all of those things brought back a flood of memories and a lot of pain. As I stumbled through that first Christmas the year after Kory’s death something amazing happened. Magic was felt. It was small at first, and almost as if a whisper, but it was definitely there. Christmas is about being together as family, and sharing with others. But most importantly it is about Christ. Before He came into the world that first Christmas we did not have the wonderful promises He brought. Because of that first Christmas, my pain will end and I will see my son again. Because of that first Christmas, people are kinder to others on one day especially each year. If we lived in a society that practiced these very principles every day, can you imagine, imagine people going out of their way to be kind and give to those less fortunate, to make amends to those that we have caused hurt. That magical feeling we experience at Christmas is none other than the spirit of Christ.  There will come a time when we feel those special feelings all the time.  I can’t wait for that day. A day when miracles are common and the sweet spirit and warmth we feel on Christmas day will forever attend us.

No, I cannot be totally sad on Christmas. Despite my experiences this is bigger than me.  And that is a wonderful thing. Christmas magic is real, Christmas angels are real, and the spirit of love and giving make all the pain worth it.

If you need a small portion of comfort on this day, seek for spiritual gifts and experiences. They fill and satisfy like no other.

Here is a link to a beautiful Christmas video.

Merry Christmas!

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