Introducing the Book to the World

I need to start saying Happy Birthday Sweet Boy! Today May 18th was Kory’s birthday. I miss him more than anyone can understand. I am so grateful for my special gift to talk to him on a regular basis and know of his happiness. It still does not replace the hollow, empty feeling, but peace and hope pull me through. I was blessed with a special dream  a couple of weeks ago. It was a dream about Kory. I love these dreams. He just wanted to come say ‘Hi” to his family. He gave us all a big hug. I love seeing his good looks with his shy smile and gentle spirit, I am reassured that one day I will get to touch and hold him again in a sweet mothers embrace.

It is also Sweet Oliver’s birthday. My little Yorkie. He is one today.

I have been on quite a journey visiting family and introducing my book. I wanted to wait to do my next blog until today.  I felt it was appropriate to have my Huntsville book signing today on his birthday.

Introducing my book has been an amazing experience.  Everywhere I go I seem to get into conversations with people about the book, about Kory and how I have dealt with his loss. I find myself reassuring many people I do not even know until that moment. A door opens and they share their experiences. It has been so comforting. Everyone has been wonderful and supportive. I pray that I am able to continue to share Kory’s story with others and maybe they can find a token of peace and maybe some answers they were seeking.

We are spiritual beings and respond to such. I have had to reevaluate my feelings about having a spiritual gift.  It was funny because since my last post, I found out some information about a distant relative that has made me look at things in a different light. I have never been able to explain my visits or the sense of the spiritual I feel. I just feel a connection, but I have always felt it my whole life, and I do not know anything different. I just thought everyone felt that way. Well, my mother gave me some information that one of my great grandmothers and her mother had what they referred to as “the gift.” I guess they could communicate and see things from the spirit realm and maybe more.  I will like to meet these ladies one day. Our posterity can be interesting and we have a connection with them like no other way.

I want to emphasize that I do not exercise the ability to talk to anyone that has passed on but Kory. I have never tried and I do not intend to.  I know from which source my communications with Kory come from and I trust them. I cannot guarantee other sources so “I just don’t go there, ever.”

I know that through my experiences we can find peace and happiness no matter how hard the trial.

I would like to share with you an article that was written from my Pocatello book signing from the Idaho Sate Journal in Pocatello Idaho, click here.

I am having my Huntsville book signing tonight from 7-9 at The Summerfield Clubhouse. Just Turn on Sarah Jane off Mount Zion Road right next to the Monrovia Volunteer Fire station. Follow around to Misty Glen and sign for the clubhouse.
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