Recovery and how the book is touching others.

Well it has been an interesting journey the past couple of months since my last post. My last post was on Kory’s birthday. We had the Huntsville open house and met with some great friends. Then I had a total knee replacement and have been in recovery. But I wanted to share a couple of things with you during that recovery time.

The first thing I would like to share is some of the incredible responses that I had with the book. If nothing else happens with the book I feel it has been worth the experience of writing it, from hearing the stories of how it has touched and comforted those that have read it. There have been some really cool experiences.

The first story is about a man that had lost his mother about a year ago. He wanted to meet me when I was out at a couple of book signings and visiting family. This is his story as he told it to me.

He was visiting a family member of mine while on a business trip and my family member felt impressed to give him a copy of the first draft of my book that I had written and given to members of my family for Christmas a couple of years ago. He took the book but really didn’t think much about it and thought he would read it on the plane. He was traveling to Seattle for business and said that he was excited because he was staying in a hotel close to the Space Needle. He was looking forward to spending his leisure time seeing the sites. He said he started to read the book and couldn’t put it down. He stayed in his hotel room until he finished it. He felt so much comfort and felt he really needed to change his life. He told me he is a better dad and person since reading the book and wanted to start going back to church.

I was so humbled by this. I knew when I started writing this book I was being helped because it had a purpose. I feel I was just a tool to give comfort to others.

The second story I would like to share is an email I received as someone ordered my book online at my website. It is one thing to have a connection to people of the same faith or an association with a mutual person but this story tells how you never know how the work that you do will effect others.

This is the email I received:

Subject: Your book

I felt very compelled to tell you how I came across your book.  I was visiting my soon to be Father-in-Laws grave at Memorial Gardens and I noticed the bench near Kory’s grave.  It is beautiful.  My Fiance’s Fathers grave is very close to your sons and I felt that I needed to read his head stone.  I felt that I needed to find out more about your son.  I googled his name and came across your blog and book.  I have ordered the book and I am looking forward to reading it.  I feel like your son wanted me to read you book and I feel like he wanted me to tell you!!!!  I am looking forward to reading it!

There have been many more stories that have come my way. You wonder what propels you to do something that is very hard to do. This is one of those things in life that was so hard to do. I am such a private person but I feel that if our story will help then it is worth it.

The last thing I would like to tell you about the coming of the book is about a visit I had with Kory. He told me that I was his assignment for the past several months. I did not understand the whole purpose of his watching out for me but I knew it was about the book. I knew that he was influencing those that the book came into their hands, but there seemed to be more. When he told me that I was no longer his assignment he also told me that he had been protecting me from unkind spirits that did not want this project to be finished. I had no idea that this was going on so I guess he did a good job. He left me with a caution. He said that now that I know and have the book so others can read it to use my discretion when it came to evil spirits. They did not want this book out here!

Well I have not been blogging since I had a total knee replacement 7 weeks ago. I found out first hand how close the evil spirits were. A total knee replacement is very painful and you have to take very strong pain medicine so you can work through the physical therapy that is required to get back full range of motion in a short amount of time before scar tissue permanently causes problems. The pain meds worked great and I am ahead of healing schedule. Yeh!! But I had such a difficult experience. I had terrible dreams and feeling of evil spirits coming after me. I would wake up screaming. It really surprised my husband. He had never known me to have dreams where I scream out in all our 32 years of marriage. I was uneasy all the time. I could feel them. I know that when you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol or any other substance you become vulnerable to those that wish you harm from another realm. It is a testament to me to how important it is to remain in total control. I learned that we have all the power over them so we need to not worry. I choose to stay as far away from evil as possible. It is real! I just was able to see and feel it more in my recovery. I now focus on the good and the love God has for me.

This book is important. I can see that by the opposition. I can’t wait until it is release in a couple of weeks so the general population can come across it. I hope that it’s message of comfort will find those that needs it.

I have been reading a book that I found in the BYU Bookstore in April and it had a very interesting description that I feel would be important to share. It is about identifying Ghosts. I feel information is power.

The book is:

Friends From Beyond The Veil by: Shirley Bahlmann

In the Introduction she relates an interview with Ranae Lee who can see and feel spirits. there are five different types of spirits that stay earthbound:

The first is spirits whose families mourn them to the point that they stay in an effort to comfort loved ones left behind.

The second is spirits that have gone through a dramatic experience. “They get wrapped up in the emotion of that moment that they stay around to try and remedy the situation.” page 2

The third are spirits that are “tied to earthly things, choosing to remain close to what was important to him or her in mortal life.” page 3

The fourth are spirits that watch over or guard a home or an area.

The fifth and final type are evil spirits. They are those that are part of Satan’s host. The third that was cast out of Gods presence and did not come to earth and get a body.

page 4 “Satan’s host will worm their way through any opening or take advantage of every opportunity to torment people…They have no power over you unless you allow it in by inviting them in. Leave them completely alone.”

When I read theses descriptions I understood. I now know I can feel spirits but I do not ever have anything to do with evil spirits or any other spirit other than Kory. Yes, I know I am sensitive to the other realm but I do not go there.  I only want to do what my Father in Heaven and Jesus would have me do. This book is part of that. It shows how much they love us.

I hope that you can feel that peace and love this week.


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