My heart goes out to the loved ones and victims in Colorado shooting

I was greatly saddened by the news of the Colorado shooting. It brought back many difficult feelings that I felt with when Kory died. He too greatly anticipated the opening of a much anticipated movie, it happened to be The Lord of the Rings “The Two Towers.” He was so excited, it was Christmas, and he and his younger brother and several friends went to that movie. Then Kory tragically died on his way home. He died a few minutes before midnight and the beginning  of Christmas Eve.

I feel so much for the loved ones that have lost someone dear to them in this senseless tragedy. I know the road that they will have to go down. They will adopted certain things to keep their loved one in their minds and hearts. We remodeled our house and built our own movie theater. My husband will not go to the theater since Kory was coming home from that movie that night. It has been a good solution for us. The room is Kory’s room and you feel wonderful when you are in it. We adopt what we need to do in our lives to navigate the grief we feel. It is a way of staying true and remembering our loved one.

To try and understand God and where He was when all this tragedy happens. We need perspective of what life really is and our purpose here. When we have that understanding we can cope better with the process we have been so unmercifully thrown into.

I wanted to share a chapter with you from my book. It addresses the topic of tragic death at another’s hand and how it is viewed from the spiritual aspect. I have grown to know with an as-surety that during any tragic event  NO-ONE is ever left without angels surrounding them. I know that on that night that many wonderful departed souls acting as guardian angels were with those in the theater and their loved ones.

I hope that this chapter may answer a few questions we have about such an event.

Click here to see a chapter in my book that addresses tragic events and how they are part of our journey.

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