Blog Changes and Little Foods for Thought

Hello my few devote readers.  I have decided to change the purpose and flow of my blog. The reason is, I feel that when people come across my blog it might be interesting to them, but such a long blog takes too much time to read. I would like to add small “food for thought” sections.

I have collected so much information on the world of spirits that I would like to share, so I am going to share my little bites of information in small weekly information blogs instead of long narratives.

I hope this will fit into your schedule better. Now let’s talk about the spirit world….

I have had several instances lately, where people have talked about the spirit world and they do not understand how it is set up in regard to us living there after our demise.

Let me clarify how the spirit world is divided. The Spirit World is here upon the earth itself. In it’s own dimension as you will. It is also divided into two major parts. In these two major parts are smaller levels. I will try to talk about all the different levels as they relate to our topic, as time goes by. We will call the two major divisions, paradise and prison. Please understand that prison is a term used to oneself’s progression and not our idea of earthly prisons. The spirit prison is basically a place where your progression is stopped until you overcome certain issues or choose for yourself to go further. Certain requirements must be met.

For example: If you are addicted to drugs or alcohol when you die you will still feel the pull of that addiction after your death until you have overcome it. To most that will be like a personal Hell or “Prison.”

Just some food for thought………..

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