Having an understanding of the reality of the Spirit World makes life easier.

Having an understanding of the Spirit World makes life a much easier place to live. It does not make our troubles go away, but that perspective helps smooth the sometimes rocky road. When we finally understand that life is a test, we see we have the ability and power to act upon our own life, and we do not have to just settle to let life happen to us randomly. When we understand that we have divine help at times of need it makes it easier to handle life’s challenges when they come our way. They say coincidences are not random they are little miracles that are guided by divine hands by someone whom loves us unconditionally. How awesome is that!

I love my little visits with my son Kory from beyond the grave. His sense of humor and patience with my persecutive as I struggle through life’s challenges makes me realize, it will be okay. I do not have to sweat the small stuff. A phrase that has become my motto: “This too will pass…”

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