It is that time again. Where our thoughts are directed to spirits. What do I think about spirits? “Regular, everyday” spirits do not bother me. I do not feel frightened by them or concerned. ¬†After all they are just people. Albeit they do not have their physical body but a body made of a finer material. Light and energy if you will. But they are still the same individual. Same personality, same feelings. And the most important aspect is that they still love us and are concerned about us. It is a wonderful, loving thing. We should not forget that.

Now that I have established the fact of departed loved ones. I would like to address the topic of dark spirits. They are different. They are real but we do not need to be concerned about them. You can think that it is exciting to find out about the mystery of the “unknown” but we need to remember that unlike our departed loved ones that only love us, dark spirits only want us to be unhappy and miserable like unto themselves. Now if I was to step back and think about that fact. I do not think that I would want to even waste my time with someone or some being that does not regard me in any way but for my misery. We should always remember that they cannot hurt us either. We actually have the upper hand. We have a body and they do not. They want what we have been blessed with from on high. They had the opportunity for this blessing and chose a different darker path.

So this Halloween, have fun but still look to the light.

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