It’s Here!!!

Well the moment that I have thought about for four years arrived on Saturday night.  Many of my facebook friends are aware from my post that my first copy of my book arrived from the printer.  It was so surreal. I hadn’t checked the mail all day and I went out that evening in the dark to walk Oliver, my little yorkie. I thought as we finished our walk I should check the mail. I did and there it was. I just sat there stunned.  I guess I followed the pattern of my life. I didn’t jump up and scream or anything. I just calmly carried it in the house and opened the package. I just looked at the book as I held it in my hands. I really felt like I was in shock. I couldn’t believe it had finally arrived. I have waited so long and it has been quite a journey.  I have been really waiting to have copies available for those that wanted to read the book.  In the next few days I will be ordering my copies to sell on my website. Watch for the announcement.


I couldn’t just do normal things. I went to my friend Annie and Bruce’s house to share the news.  We were with the Dearden’s in Kirtland Ohio when I received the email that my book was selected for publication. Then Randy and I went for dessert to celebrate!

I hope Kory is happy with the results. I will try to make the best decisions for the promotion of the book. I keep in mind the purpose of writing this book, it is more than a story and a book, it is so personal. I am inviting the world to experience the most difficult thing I will ever experience. My hope and prayer is that it will honor Kory, and My Father in Heaven.  I know the world needs to know of His love for us in all our experiences in this world. Maybe it will be a comfort to those who partake of its content.

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