It is interesting to be in the same place as we were last year during the April 27th tornado outbreak. It makes me reflect back and I think that in light of the outbreak of tornados yesterday across the country it would be a good time to post an additional blog that is related to the recent storms and a chapter in my book.

I felt very impressed to write a chapter in my book called “Real Angels Don’t Have Wings.” I was impressed to write it in November 2010 while I was in the editing stage of my book. It is a chapter that is new and no one has read it except myself and my editors. I wanted it to be something that my family could look forward to. I felt very strong to write a chapter that was the story of a family living in our area of the Tennessee Valley and experiencing a deadly tornado. The family weathers the storm in a shelter in their basement. The point of the chapter is the fact that they were never left alone during this horrific event. They had someone there to watch over them and comfort them and he never left them until they were okay. The little girl “Birdie” in the story was only two years old and was the only one who could see the angel that had been sent to comfort them.

This chapter is significant because as I had a visit with Kory a year ago, in March of 2011 where he told me of the preparations that were being made in the Spirit World to send many angels to offer comfort to us here in mortality. He said,” Mom you are about to have a big adventure!” Well I do not know if I would call the tornado outbreak of 2011 an “adventure,” but I understand from his visit, that nothing ever takes place here on the earth ┬áin mortality that divine comfort is not sent to offer help to those effected.

As we are experiencing devastating storms again in 2012, let me close with a message from the other side of the veil. They love us, prepare to comfort us and we are NEVER, never left alone in our trials.



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  1. The adventure Kory was referring to may have been the earthquake and tsunami in Japan on Friday, 11-Mar-2011, in which up to 20,000 were killed and 30,000 more were injured.

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