The Spirit World is like Springtime

Springtime has arrived in the South. I love it here in the Spring. I am also shocked at how warm it gets very fast. But nothing is as beautiful as all the trees and bushes that are in bloom. It is truly beautiful. That brings me to my topic today. The environment in the Spirit World through all the descriptions that I have had the privilege of reading are always described like “Springtime.” As I walk little Oliver in the mornings on these beautiful spring time days I am warmed inside with that thought. It would be glorious to always be in a beautiful place that was like springtime. The birds singing and the flowers blooming and the perfect temperature outside. Everything is new and fresh. My favorite color has always been green. I don’t know if because I have loved dill pickles since I was a little girl and so I love anything green. But I absolutely love the color of new springtime leaves and grass. Jesus through our Heavenly Father’s direction did a beautiful job creating such a wonderful world. Take time to spend a few moments out in the springtime sunshine and think of the place where our departed loved ones reside. I would like to share a few of my favorite descriptions.

The first description I wish to share is the first I was given the privilege to hear. Someone had given my mother a typed copy of Heber Q. Hale’s manifestation at the death of my father. This was in 1966 before there was a lot of information on the subject available. To see the whole experience of Heber Q. Hale either see my first post in August 2011 or google Heber Q. Hale.

A heavenly manifestation given to Heber Q. Hale, President of the Boise Stake of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, as related by him at the Genealogical Conference held in the Auditorium of the Bishops’ Building, Salt Lake City, Utah, October, 1920.  (Requested by the Presidency of the Church in 1920.)

…The vegetation and landscape were beautiful beyond description; not all green as here, but gold with varying shades of pink, orange, and lavender as the rainbow. A sweet calmness pervaded everything. 

The second description was from Betty J. Eadie in “Embraced By The Light”(which can be ordered from Amazon)

Pages 78-79

The garden was filled with trees and flowers and plants that somehow made their setting seem inevitable, as if they were meant to be exactly how and where they were. I walked on the grass for a time. It was crisp, cool, and brilliant green, and it felt alive under my feet. But what filled me with awe in the garden more than anything were the intense colors. We have nothing like them.

When light strikes an object here, the light reflects off that object in a certain color. Thousands of shades are possible. Light in the spirit world doesn’t necessarily reflect off anything. It comes from within and appears to be a living essence. A million, a billion colors are possible.

The flowers, for example, are so vivid and luminescent with color that they don’t seem to be solid.

The third description is from one of my favorite books:

“The Message” by Lance Richardson (which can be ordered at Amazon)

pages 51-52

Immediately in front of me stretched a lush lawn of emerald hue, yet mixed with a combination of sky-blue. I had never seen such a vibrant, brilliant color. Trees could be seen in numerous places around the landscape. They, too, were much more impressive than anything I had ever seen. Leaves and sprigs carried varieties of color such as crimson, gold, blazing yellows of fire, shades of green and blue, and deep blood-red. One stem may have numerous flowers of different variety and color. These flowers and shrubbery cast soft and deep tones of warmth and splendor, as if mixed by a master painter…

The last descriptions I would like to share are from the book: “Glimpses Beyond Death’s Door” by Brent L. and Wendy C. Top (available at amazon but very expensive right now)

page 120-121

These descriptions are references from other books:

I was in a field…and it had high golden grass that was very soft, so bright…The grass swayed. It was very peaceful, very quiet. The grass was so outstandingly beautiful that I will never forget it. (As quoted in Life at Death, p.61.)

Everything was very defined, on the one hand, but it also had a blending with everything else. The flowers and the flower buds… were all like precious stones, rubies and diamonds and sapphires. One that I remember in particular had a yellow color to it and yet I would relate it to a diamond… all these things were just around flowers. [The flowers] looked like…tulips…and yet they had the fragrance of roses. Strong fragrance of roses.(As quoted in Heading Toward Omega, p.73.)

The next thing I knew I’m standing at the end of a field and down the center of the field was a long path. Not wide but a well traveled path and over the fields were daisies…They were beautiful. There was not a patch anywhere that wasn’t covered with the daisy. The whole field on both sides covered.(Transcript of Experiencer’s Panel Discussion, IANDS conference, Washington D.C., August 1990, p.2)

I was in a garden. All the colors were intense. The grass was a deep vibrant green, flowers were radiant reds, yellows, and blues, and birds of all beauty fluttered in the bushes. Everything was lit by a shadowless brilliance that was all-pervading. (As quoted in Transformed by the Light, p. 82.)

The privilege I have had to talk with Kory and hear his descriptions of the Spirit World has given me an understanding of the beautiful environment in the Spirit World. He describes it to be like Spring. The tempature is perfect and like the descriptions above it is colorful and full of light.

So go out and enjoy this Spring. It will connect us in a small way to those loved ones that await us on the other side.


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