Death is a pleasant experience.

I have posted 30 blogs to date. It gets very difficult to think of new topics each week. I ask myself “Have I talked about ….?” what ever the subject is.

But this week I experienced the thing that EVERYONE that comes to the Tennessee Valley experiences. A really bad sinus infection. I didn’t even know I had sinuses until I moved here. But how does this relate to today’s post? Well I feel horrible. I mean when you have a really deep infection, your whole body aches and you just want to crawl under a rock.  I cannot wait until after this life I do not have to experience this again. That is one aspect of the Spirit world that we sometimes don’t think about until we are in the throws of pain and illness. Unfortunately if the pains and illness escalates you can end up on the other side. We are going to discuss the actual experience of relief of pain and illness at the time of death. In this way maybe it will give those that have lost love ones in pain at the time of death a sense of peace and understanding of the experience their loved ones had a little better.

I know that I am looking forward to not being so tired and no pain. That will be awesome! Think of the things that you can accomplish if you had unlimited energy, total recall of everything that you learn. No physical limitations. I think that I can really look forward to that experience.

I have read many experiences of individuals that have died and returned to earth.They have always referred to death as easy and pleasant, but the return to their body very difficult. So I would rather just live and have the experience of a nice quiet parting when my time comes, I will just deal with the small aches and pains for now and realize that a better time is on the horizon.  I would like to leave you with a few of my favorite experiences.

As quoted from: Life Everlasting by Duane S. Crowther

pages: 8-9

Entry Into the Spirit World a Joyful Experience

It is important to recognize that death is a blessing, a joyful experience, and often serves as a pleasant relief to those who were suffering in mortality. The many instances recorded of those who have left their bodies to enter the spirit world are almost completely void of allusions to difficulty or pain from the separation process. To the contrary, their experiences may be summarized in the statement of Ella Jensen, who related that…

     There was practically no pain on leaving the body in death but the intense pain was almost unbearable in coming back to life. Not only this, but for months, and even years afterward, she experienced new aches and pains and physical disorders that she had never known before. (LeRoi C. Snow, Improvement Era. It should be observed that while passing from mortality into the spirit world is apparently an easy procedure, it may be far more difficult, and perhaps painful, for an adult spirit to enter the tiny body of an unborn child in it’s mothers womb at the time of birth into mortality.)

Jedediah M. Grant, a counselor of Brigham Young in the first presidency of the church, was twice allowed to venture into the spirit world as his death drew nigh. He recounted his experiences to the other counselor in the presidency, Heber C. Kimball, who retold Brother Grant’s experiences at the funeral. President Grant had recounted his newly-gained knowledge of the superiority of the future to the present life in these words:

Brother Heber, I have been into the spirit world two nights in succession, and, of all the dreads that ever came across me, the worst was to have to again return to my body, though I had to do it.

In the funeral sermon President Kimball added his own comment that “Brother Grant said that he felt extremely sorrowful at having to leave so beautiful a place and come back to earth, for he looked upon his body with loathing, but was obliged to enter it again.

In my favorite book: The Message by: Lance Richardson

He relates his experiences on pages: 50 -51and then 77-78.

…I suddenly realized that I was walking under my own power, and, curiously, there was no more pain. Just a moment before I was wrenching in agony, and now I felt…nothing. nothing but thick, inky darkness…

…As I stepped forward I pushed outward in the darkness and brushed against something. It felt much like a thin veil or curtain. As I parted the substance, an intense light filled with warmth and love fell upon me and beckoned me forward. It was a brilliant light that immediately dispersed all the darkness about me. It was soothing and satisfying. It carried a peace that I wanted to embrace. Deep inside me it felt somehow familiar; a feeling from deep within that was sweet to my soul. I stepped forward into the light.

The messenger, Randy, and I were transported to the veil, at an astonishing speed. “It felt as if we were whisked through space to the location of my entrance through the veil. Suddenly we were standing there. I was given some instructions, told by Randy that he would meet me when I was to leave my body again, and cautioned as to the extreme pain that I would feel when I re-entered my body.

“Your mortal body is experiencing serious pain at this moment. Yet even that pain will not be as severe as the pain which is felt upon re-entry onto one’s body. You will feel excruciating pain for a moment, then a rush of the incredible pain your body is now enduring.”…

Lance Richardson was in a coma at the time of this experience. I had always thought that those that were given the privilege of visiting the spirit world were extremely lucky. After all the research I have come across, (and these accounts I share today are only a few) have all said the same thing about the pain upon re-entry, and a great loss of leaving the spirit world. I know that I wish to remain here no matter how difficult it is at times to complete my mission so I don’t have to return or know that I had not finished my work here upon the earth. I can then dwell in peace. I would like to also refer back to my post “Suicide” that those that take their own life’s experience is not the same. It is not something that is pleasant, it is only filled with regret.

Life is wonderful and amazing. I hope that we can endure happily until the end so we can experience all the blessings and happiness to come.




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