Christmas Stories and Healing

That wonderful season is upon us again and it is a favorite time for me because I love Christmas stories. Unfortunately, Christmas is also painful for us as to have Kory die at Christmas. It seems strange that several years before Kory’s death I felt very inspired to write a Christmas story for my family and give it as my gift that year. It was accompanied by a teddy bear. I bought dozens of teddy bears, big ones and little ones, to go with my story. The symbol of the teddy bear , represented a hug from our Father in Heaven while we were here on the earth in this life. I gave the story and a teddy bear to family and friends and co-workers. Anyone I came in contact with that I felt would benefit from my story. I wanted to share this story with you. The story is about dealing with loss at Christmas. I did not realize that I was writing it for me. It is funny how things work out that way.  I just knew that I needed to write this story and it would help others deal with death and know that they have a loving Father in Heaven that loves them.  The story is written from my perspective as a little girl. My father died in a similar manner when I was a little girl. I hope that this story will give you a warm place in your heart for that is its intention.

This story is included in an appendix in my book coming out in 2012. It was refered to in a newspaper article.

Here is my Story: click on the link below

Teddy Bears from the Kingdom of Light

I hope you have a wonderful week and go hug a teddy bear!


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